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Testimonies about Tom Brown's Ministry

Is Remarriage Permissible? 

Thanks for your wonderful article. It has been of much help and guidance to me, since I was facing and struggling with this particular issue in my own church the other day. At the same time I felt that the article you wrote confirmed the way I felt and thought about this difficult issue. I want to be able to share the truth of God's Word in its context without compromising and without becoming religious and narrow-minded!

Once again a big thank you for your clear interpretation and explanation on this matter. Please do write more on these kind of subjects and continue to be a source of encouragement for pastors, church-leaders and members all over the world! Keep up the good work for our Lord!!!

Hari Winata
Church of Jesus Christ OSTOJA Rzeszow - South East Poland

Once again you've generated an insight that I think could help millions of
people. Excellent interpretation on the words people can easily
Sean Ryan


By now you have probably been swamped with responses, I just wanted to
thank you for your integrity in meticulous research to provide biblical
interpretation on a level of accuracy that it not only should be taught from
the pulpit but as well in "theological cemetaries, sorry seminaries" (Casie
Treat). I am as well anticipating your elaborations on marriage as you well
may have guessed!

Raphaela Brown

That was a tough question that was responded to with great wisdom. As a divorcee, I thank you for it.

Jeff Varga

I have carefully gone through your answer to the question that was put before you about re-marriage.

You have indeed done great justice to the question. I am happy that you maintained a sound biblical and scriptural balance on this very controversial issue in the body of Christ today. The balance here is that, God hates divorce but loves marriage, even the marriage of those who have been divorced. 

I also want to commence on the very sound and revelatory interpretations you gave to the following scriptures: 1 Cor. 7:27-28, Matt. 19:7-9. I have learnt a lot from the revelation shared.

Pastor Kenny Salem, Africa


Thank you for your balance interpretation of Divorce and Remarriage.

Pastor Jim Strickhausen
Life Church of Greater Nashville


Wow! That was a wonderful answer–it has cleared up years of doubt and wondering. I wish everyone could read this, especially those people I see in my church who are looked down upon because they have been divorced and remarried. They can't celebrate their marriage with the church, and instead go before a justice of the peace or another minister who will perform the ceremony. I think you answered the question by going to the heart of Christianity. God loves us, knows our hearts, and wants the best for us.

You have been such a blessing and I thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions. The Lord is doing amazing things through your ministry. I hope someday to come to one of your congregations in El Paso and hear you speak.



This was excellent. I am divorced myself, and have been programmed with the religious dogma that I could never remarry.



I agree with you, I believe that people can mess up and marry the wrong person. I believe that these people can ask for forgiveness and go on with their lives. It was good to hear from you, God Bless and Happy Holidays!

Brad Kinder


Thank you for sending this to me since it has haunted me also. I really
appreciate your insights into this topic.

Martha Poinar

Thank you Pastor Tom for sending me this reading. It was just what I have been struggling with. I am not divorced yet but I am in the process of getting out of a very bad marriage full of adultery on my husband's part. I was worried of the remarriage I felt the Lord telling me about in my future. I was deeply confused about what I felt the Lord has told me very clearly and what the Bible says and how I have always been taught it was. Your teaching on this has brought a new light to me about the changes and the calling on my life from the Lord. I thought I was not understanding the Lord when he told me of a person he was going to bring back in my life at a later time. 

God Bless You, Sheryl


Thank you so much!!! Such clear and healthy teaching... Awesome!

And as for some treating it as a license to sin...Didn't Paul think about similar misuse of his teaching on grace when he said: "Are we to sin in order for grace to be more abundant?" And his reply to that question (definite NO!) is also clear!

Mega-thanks, dear fellow-servant of our Wonderful Lord Jesus the anointed One!
Radek Frencel
Szczecin, Poland

Divorce and remarriage is such a delicate area because there are so many different scenarios, each case is unique. So many lives are pulled into the trauma and disorder of confusion of how to fix and patch up a broken and breaking home. There is no quick fix except for every one involved to yield to God and put their self interest under His council. But 99%of the time people want their way and home and family fall apart.

Brother Tom I went through a divorce about 22 years ago and I remember all the deep deep pain I , my X and my children went through because of immaturity and selfish desires. I had to raise my 3 year old son by myself. I learned the definition of tough. Two years later I met a good Christian woman and considered remarriage. I called all the big well known preachers in town and asked them their opinion about remarrying. They all gave me the same answer, no remarriage unless the other partner was involved in sexual adultery. I went away bewildered not knowing what to do. I went before God and pleaded my case and turned it all over to Him. I studied all the scriptures about divorce and remarriage. Then I asked God for forgiveness for my previous marriage and to heal my broken heart.

Here's the main point: mankind couldn't give me a green light to remarry. But God in His mercy and grace (The God of second chances) forgave me and allowed me to start where I was at that point and time. I remarried 20 years ago by God's grace and with the help of my wonderful God sent wife raised my son and the daughter of our marriage.  Christian remarriage with proper motive can be a wonderful and blessed


Other Testimonies

The heavens gate suicide audio book is very well taken. I broke down crying the first time I heard the story about you & your grandpa. I pray for God to bless you, your wife & your community every night!

Thanks & Best Regards,

Tony Herold


I was on your website and I must say it is a powerful website. There is no doubt that you are a blessed man because you definitely have a wonderful spirit. I browsed thru your articles and all I can say is "whoa" this man is talking to me. It was no accident that I ran across your website today. I don't believe in coincidence's. I really needed to read that article on dating and courting. Also I read the article on how to pray for things the right way and I learned a lot from that, so all I can say is thanks a million. 

Damon Brown


I'm writing to thank you for your web site. Your message is what I needed to
hear, and I'm now starting on a new path of discovery.  I read your pages about Speaking in Tongues and watched your message. It was what I need to hear, and what I needed to read. In one site you have all the information to help a person start on their path to higher understanding. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I plan on spending much more time reading your writings and learning more about what I had forgotten and put aside so long ago. Praise the Lord.

Sincerely, Jeff Collins 


Tom, Keep on edifying yourself brother! Your article is more helpful than you will ever know! Keep spreading the good news.

Joshua Meredith


You may remember me from this Wednesday's service. I was your visitor from Houston. 

I just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed your service and the message
was wonderful. I was once deep in the ministry, working with music and youth. I went to seminary and had focused my life on serving the lord. After spending a lot of time with other ministers and musicians who I thought were just going through the motions I left ministry. I have not been a regular in church for sometime.

When I arrived in El Paso Wednesday I was trying to find something other than going to church to do that night. I was making all kind of excuses as why not to go to church. I don't know El Paso or anyone there. I made excuses like I'm sure I can't find a church here on a Wednesday night that I would enjoy. Their praise & worship would be lame, I don't speak Spanish, and I said it would probably be hard to find a service that I could relate too. 

I decided it was between seeing a movie or going to the AA Baseball Game. Something then told me to grow up, look in the yellow pages and find a church. After looking through the dozens of ads I decided to try your church. I admit when I pulled up in the parking lot I had second thoughts. I then said I will not judge this book by its cover.

The rest is history. I joined your service and was truly blessed. Your service gave me what I needed to get over my hurdle and I will be participating in church in Houston this weekend. Thank You for walking the walk and through Christ helping me to get back on the path.

I will be praying for your family, your church, and your ministry and I ask that you remember me in your prayers as now that I have made this decision I will be on Satan's hit list.

Jason Martin

It may seem silly for me to write. I just felt that I needed to. I just went to your website that has the story about what Jesus looks like. I don't know anything about that shroud. I mean I have seen pictures, and watched all the television shows about it, but I wanted to tell you my story.

One night  I was so depressed that I was thinking of checking myself into some serious counseling. I was a danger to myself. It was a really dark time in my life. I was laying in bed about to go to sleep, but still fully awake. This whooshing sound started in my right ear. It was a sound, but it hurt so bad, the pain was like someone stabbing an ice-pic in my ear. The 'whooshing sound' got louder and louder and the pain more and more intense. That is when I started to hear the voice. It was pure evil! The voice was laughing and it said "I'm gonna get you!", and laughed and laughed. It continued to
get louder and louder and more and more painful, and I was thinking, "Okay,
I am really crazy, I have totally lost it." I just couldn't believe that I was really hearing this and feeling this. By this time I had my eyes open. It was pitch black in the room. 

That is when I saw Jesus! It was just his face, and it looked just like that
picture on your website! It had those piercing eyes. He was looking at me with pure unconditional love! His look was stern, like I would think I look when I scold my own children. His mouth didn't move, but he said to me, "Keep your eyes on me and you will be OK. If you keep your eyes on me, he cannot get you."

For awhile, I thought it must have been an angel. But inside I really knew it
was Jesus. It still amazes me that Jesus himself would come to me and
protect me like that. I mean, just to think of it, He didn't send an angel,
He came himself! He stayed with me until I wasn't afraid anymore! He
loves me so much.

I have done a lot of things in my life that were wrong, but Jesus loved me so
much that He still came to protect me! 

You see, I had been so very angry with God. I was so angry that I started looking into other religions. Not pagan religions like Wicca or witchcraft or anything 'dark' like that. I was looking into stuff like Buddhism.

I was trying desperately to fine a "new God" , because I was so angry with
the one that I had (meaning the God that one knows as a Christian). What I found out, however,  was that God is God, no matter what the religion, and in the end, I couldn't give up my JESUS! I felt so empty 'without HIM'. So I am happy to say that I am secure in my Christianity as a result of my vision.

God bless, Carol, from Arkansas


Hi Tom,  I just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you are writing about dating. I myself disapprove of dating, and I am 16. I did it once and I found out it was not the answer, and since then I have read up on it and learned much more. So all I wanted to do was encourage you as you serve the Lord and thank you for what you have done.


Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm a 14 year old Christian, and  I speak in Tongues daily. I just want to thank you for keeping the Spirit of God alive in His way. I feel you are very close to God. Never fall from his grasp Tom, keep the faith, and lead the lost toward the Holy presence.

Thanks for your defense and stand for the Gospel. I've read many articles condemning the Word of Faith, but very few offering a mature well-balanced view of this present move of the Holy Spirit.

Yours in Jesus, Daniel

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